Ocean Basket Menu Prices in South Africa

Ocean Basket Menu Prices 

Ocean Basket’s one of South Africa’s most famous seafood restaurants.

Their menu is filled with delicious prawns, calamari, fish, mussels, squid, salmon, and more.

Ocean Basket Menu

Ocean Basket Menu Prices 

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Here’s the Ocean Basket menu with prices in South Africa:

Menu Item Price (R)

Starters & Meze

Fresh Oysters (1) 25.00
Fresh Oysters (12) 207.00
Whitebait 44.00
Whitebait & Calamari 75.00
Mussels in Mediterranean Sauce 69.00
Firecracker Squid 56.00
Calamari 59.00
Calamari Bowl 65.00
Crumbed Prawn Tails 58.00
Med Rice Balls 47.00
Spanish Anchovies 64.00
Halloumi Cheese 61.00
Tzatziki or Tarama 38.00
Olives or Feta 35.00
Med Salsa 35.00
Neptune Meze Platter 148.00
Jupiter Meze Platter 146.00


Village Salad for 1 64.00
Village Table Salad 118.00
Seared Salmon Salad 100.00
Med Salmon Bowl 75.00
Panzanella Salad 55.00
Salmon Panzanella 103.00


Famous Fish & Chips 80.00
Kingklip (200g) 125.00
Kingklip (300g) 169.00
Specialty Fish (300g) 124.00
Sole (100g) 92.00
Sole (200g) 139.00
Grilled Salmon (200g) 196.00


Prince Prawns (12) 132.00
Prince Prawns (18) 170.00
Prince Prawns (24) 216.00
Queen Prawns (8) 162.00
Queen Prawns (12) 228.00
King Prawns (6) 185.00
King Prawns (10) 285.00


Calamari 112.00
Calamari 3 Ways 150.00
Calamari Steak 99.00

Mediterranean Dishes

Salmon Med Rice 112.00
Fritto Misto 170.00
Pan of Mussels 112.00

Top Ups

Halloumi Cheese 45.00
5 Mussels 52.00
Calamari 51.00
5 Prince Prawns 54.00
Chips 27.00
Rice 28.00
Roasted Med Veg 49.00


Fish & Calamari 120.00
Calamari & Kingklip (200g) 165.00
Calamari & Kingklip (300g) 202.00
Prawns & Mussels 120.00
Prawns & Calamari 155.00
Prawns & Fish 130.00
Prawns & Kingklip (200g) 163.00
Prawns & Kingklip (300g) 203.00
Vitality Combo 135.00

Platters To Share

Platter For 2 (6 mussels, 12 prince prawns, fish, calamari) 315.00
Solemater Platter (18 prince pranws, calamari, calamari steak, mussels, village salad) 374.00
Family Platter (12 prince prawns, calamari, 4 portions hake) 384.00
Full Deck Platter (30 prince prawns, mussels, calamari, calamari steak strips, fish) 543.00

Platters For One

Bite of the Ocean (3 prince prawns, fish, calamari) 134.00
Platter For 1 (3 mussels, 6 prince prawns, fish, calamari) 170.00
The Big One (4 king prawns, calamari, fish) 215.00
Vitality Platter 154.00

Desserts & Treats

Rose Baklava 39.00
Strawberry Citrus 38.00
Yogi Berry 36.00
Choc Crunch 37.00
Ice Cream with Decadent Sauce 40.00
Ice Cream with Turkish Delight 42.00
Chocolate Lava Cake 56.00
Baklava Cheesecake 55.00
Toffee Nut Pie 60.00
Affogato 51.00
Kataifi 51.00
Baklava 66.00
Milk Shakes 42.00
Decadent Shakes 47.00
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Ocean Basket Near Me

Menu Updates

Ocean Basket is always updating their menu – both the types of dishes they serve and the prices of them.

Here are some photos of the Ocean Basket menu for you to enjoy:

Ocean Basket Menu South Africa 2023

Ocean Basket Menu

Ocean Basket MenuSouth Africa 2023

Ocean Basket Menu

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What’s On The Menu?

The Ocean Basket restaurant is located in South Africa.

The name Ocean Basket guarantees you that only fresh and tasty seafood is served at the table.

The ambiance of their restaurants and their delicious food oozes an atmosphere of home away from home.

It is a great way to bring everyone back to a peaceful family where the entire family sits around the table for dinner and eats a delicious dinner.

Ocean Basket Menu

There are a variety of salads, including Med Salmon Bowl and Village Table Salad which go well with their combination of fish, including the Famous Fish & Chips, Grilled Salmon, and many others.

You can choose from various prawns from different varieties as calamari, Mediterranean Dishes, Top Ups Combos, Pick of the Season, Platters to share, tiny Treats, Desserts, and drinks.

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Ocean Basket Sushi

Like their menus on the standard, There are various kinds of sushi that you can take advantage of in the Ocean Basket. Ocean Basket.

Some of their most popular ones are:

  • Maki, Nigiri
  • Gunkans, Flower Gunkans
  • Futomaki, California Rolls, Rainbow Rolls,
  • Sashimi and Platters.
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Rainbow Rolls have Salmon & Avocado, and Sashimi comes with Salmon/Tuna. The options of Maki are Salmon, Crab Stick, and many more.

You can also have Nigiri. Nigiri made with Prawns, Salmon, or Tuna and the Gunkans with Panko Prawn and Calamari.

The well-known California Rolls are also available for purchase, such as Crunchy Athena and Coriander Bomb.

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Specials At Ocean Basket

If you’re looking to sample fresh, delicious seafood, almost nothing can beat Ocean Basket in South Africa.

The tasty food selection on their menu and the reasonable costs make it difficult to resist.

However, it’s possible to get bored of seafood after a few days. If this is the case for you, why don’t you check out a steakhouse instead? Here’s the best steak house in town.

The Ocean Basket Specials are Famous Fish & Chips, Prawns & Calamari, and Salmon Med Rice.

This Famous Fish & Chips use the most-loved hake, making this dish a total hit.

Another appealing dish is Prawns and Calamari combinations – typically with six prince Prawns.

In addition to the fantastic deals in the Ocean Basket restaurant Ocean Basket, they also are very concerned about the environment, which is why they recently introduced straws that are plastic-free in their restaurants.

It’s great to see more and more restaurants adopting environmentally-friendly food choices into their menus.

Another restaurant chain located in South Africa doing similar things is Steers. They’ve launched a new line of burgers made from plant matter. Check them out in Steers’ menu.

The menu at Steers.

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About Ocean Basket

Ocean Basket is South Africa’s most well-known seafood restaurant, the first to open its doors in Menlyn Park, Pretoria, in 1995.

Fats Lazarides had the idea of creating an establishment that served delicious seafood dishes at a price that would ensure that it was affordable for all to take pleasure in.

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In the past, seafood restaurants were known for their delicious food and high costs. Fats was determined to change all that.

Fats was always someone who didn’t hesitate to go against the flow. The initial Ocean Basket had only six tables within 60 square meters of space.

The menu was limited to just a few dishes and a limited selection of beverages.

Fats were created to serve.

He addressed the customers by their name and continued improving his food until he was convinced they were flawless.

Today, the entire team of Ocean Basket follows the same commitment and offers the same level of service.

Ocean Basket is an excellent place to eat and work and has an ex-one of the staff members adored the restaurant so much that they chose to become a franchisee.

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Talk To Someone At Ocean Basket

Want to talk to someone about the Ocean Basket menu?

You can send a message to their staff on social media:

As you can see from their menu above, Ocean Basket have more than enough seafood options to satisfy all your cravings.

Head on down to one of their restaurants today and enjoy the freshness of the ocean.

Freshness of the ocean not for you? Fried chicken it is.

Check out South Africa’s famous KFC menu for a different kind of taste bud satisfaction.

If you still have some questions you’d like answered about the Ocean Basket menu, leave a comment below.

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