KFC Menu Prices South Africa

  KFC Menu Prices in South Africa

KFC is one of the most well-known restaurants that serve fried chicken located in South Africa.

The KFC menu offers a variety of tasty fried chicken bundles and wraps, burgers, wraps, and a variety of other delicious food.  KFC Menu Prices in South Africa

Here is the KFC menu prices in South Africa:

KFC Menu Prices South Africa

Menu Item Price

KFC Menu Prices For Box Meals

Wrapsta Box With Regular Drink 49.90
Wrapsta Box With Buddy Bottle 54.90
Fully Loaded Box Meal Original 79.90
All Star Lunch Box With Regular Drink 59.90
All Star Lunch Box With Buddy Drink 64.90
Chicken Lunch Box With Regular Drink 49.90
Chicken Lunch Box With Buddy Drink 54.90

KFC Menu Prices For Burgers & Twisters

Double Crunch Burger 49.90
Colonel Burger 39.90
Zinger Burger 39.90
Snack Burger 16.90
Crunch Burger 24.90
Wrapsta Twister 26.90
Boxmaster Twister 49.90
Classic Twister 39.90
Sweet Chilli Twister 39.90
Grilled Classic Twister 39.90

KFC Menu Prices For Streetwise

Streetwise One with Large Chips 19.90
Streetwise Two with Chips 32.90
Streetwise Three with Chips 45.90
Streetwise Five with Large Chips 81.90
Streetwise One with Mash 19.90
Streetwise Three with Pap 45.90
Streetwise Two with Pap 31.90

KFC Menu Prices For Sides

1 Piece Chicken 17.90
Zinger Wings 24.90
Dunked Wings 29.90
Chips 9.90
Mash Gravy 10.90
Mini Loaf 6.90
Coleslaw 14.90
Salads 44.90
Green Salads 29.90
Regular Sprinkle Pops 30.90
Pops 38.90

KFC Menu Prices For Drinks

Sparkling Krusher 17.90
Liquifruit 10.90
Soft Drink Buddy Bottle 15.90
Soft Drink 1L 19.90
Soft Drink 2L 26.90
Still Water 500ml 12.90
Cappuccino 19.90
Hot Chocolate 21.90
Espresso 13.90
Five Roses Tea 13.90

KFC Menu Prices For Desserts

Oreo Krusher 26.90
Verry Berry Krusher 26.90
Soft Serve Twirl 5.90
Soft Serve Twirl with Choch 9.90
Chocolate Sundae 17.90
Mixed Berry Sundae 17.90

KFC Breakfast Menu

Brekkie Crunch Wrap 26.90
AM Toasted Chicken & Mayo Meal 44.90
AM Toasted Tomato & Cheese Meal 44.90
Toasted Egg & Cheese Meal 44.90
AM Deluxe Burger 42.90
AM Riser Burger With Snack Patty 24.90
AM Riser Burger With Hash Brown 24.90
AM Mini Twister With Hash Brown 23.90
AM Snacker Burger 14.90
AM Snacker Burger With Snack Patty 19.90
Toasted Chicken Mayo Only 24.90
Toasted Cheese & Tomato Only 24.90
Toasted Egg & Cheese Only 24.90

KFC Menu Prices For Family Meals

Family Treat 10 – 10 piece chicken, 2 large chips, 3 sides 214.90
Family Treat 8 – 8 piece chicken, 2 large chips, 3 sides 195.90
Family Treat 6 – 6 piece chicken, 2 large chips, 3 sides 172.90
KFC Feast 6 – 6 piece chicken, 3 mini loaves, 2 gravy 109.90
KFC Feast 8 – 8 piece chicken, 3 mini loaves, 2 gravy 134.90

KFC Buckets Prices

9 Piece Chicken Bucket 122.90
15 Piece Chicken Bucket 199.90
21 Piece Chicken Bucket 264.90
4 Dunked Wings 29.90
10 Dunked Wings 64.90
4 Zinger Wings 24.90
10 Zinger Wings 54.90
24 Wings Bucket 129.90

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KFC has served South Africans its amazing fried Chicken since 1971.

If you’re looking for a traditional fried chicken, either on its own or in a burger, visit your local KFC, and you’ll not be disappointed.

KFC Menu


Apart from the Fried Chicken and fried KFC offers a variety of choices for everyone.

There are boxed meals, burger & twisters, streetwise, beverages, side dishes, and sweets.

Various meals are designed for families and guests to enjoy together.

The introduction of the family meals, like KFC’s Family, Treat and KFC Feast bundles, put KFC in direct competition with one of their biggest competitors that is Nandos. Are you curious about the reason behind this? Take a look at Nandos’ menu.

KFC Menu

Boxed meals are available in the Wrapsta Box and the Fully Loaded Box Lunch Original, Variety Lunch Box, and many other options.

Burgers and twisters are available. They include Double Crunch Burger, Colonel Burger, Classic Twister, and many more.

Then you can move to the streetwise category; there are meals like Streetwise Five, Streetwise Five, Streetwise Three Pap, and numerous others.

The delicious dishes on offer are Coleslaw, Mini Loaf, Zinger Wings, and much more.

KFC menu  As you can see, we South Africans are spoilt for choices when selecting what we want to order on KFC’s menu. It’s hard not to be satisfied with your meal.

A few people claim that they enjoy KFC’s chicken so much they’re willing to pretend to work there and receive free chicken every year!

Based on the KFC menu prices above, you can see they’re saving themselves lots of money!

If you’re getting bored of the same old chicken, why not give it a go with some pizza? Take a look at Debonairs’ menu.

The menu at Debonairs to find some of the most sought-after pizzas in South Africa.

South Africa KFC Specials

There are many promotions and offers you can take advantage of at KFC.

The majority of them are:

  • KFC Restaurant specials and promotions.
  • Current discounted fried chicken.
  • Deals on the Box Meals menu.

The majority of deals are discounts off the regular price. Regular specials include the latest Streetwise Mix with a cheaper cost, All-Star Lunch Box, Chicken Lunch box or a Dunked Burger meal.

So you’ll get more in exchange for the same high-quality food.

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Every KFC branch could have its restaurant specials for customers.

It’s best to go to your local KFC and look over the menu to see the latest promotions currently in place.

Overall, Even if you don’t locate discounts that lower the price of their food, we’re confident that you’ll get good value for the money.

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KFC Breakfast Menu 

KFC differentiates itself not just within South Africa but in the rest of the world by offering a distinctive breakfast menu.

KFC’s breakfast menu is a must. KFC breakfast menu was specially designed for those who are always on the move.

Mornings can be difficult. Sometimes it’s too difficult to wake up in time to cook breakfast.

This is where KFC is a great option. Like other menu items, there are many delicious choices to pick from.

KFC Menu
Food On The Kfc Breakfast Menu South Africa

KFC’s breakfast menu is extensive. KFC’s breakfast menu has Brekkie Crunch Wrap, Brekkie Crunch Wrap, Tower Burger, Deluxe Burger with Egg, Double Crunch Burger, and many more.

This is one of the ways that KFC differentiates itself from other South African fast-food restaurants.

Check out their Steers Menu The majority of their restaurants start at 9:00 am, allowing KFC to feed a lot of the early risers.

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KFC Near Me

About KFC South Africa

Harland Sanders founded KFC in 1930. In the 1930s, KFC was a tiny eatery along US Route 25 on the North Corbin, Kentucky outskirts.

The recipe that introduced Chicken KFC to this world was handed through his mother. In 1936, the company KFC was flourishing.

It was so successful that Governor Kentucky in the year 1936 presented Sanders with the honorary title: Kentucky Colonel.

KFC Menu

KFC was introduced to South Africa in 1971 and has provided the area with delicious Southern Fried Chicken for nearly five decades.

The restaurant follows the same high-quality standards when making and cooking meals to ensure that each guest receives hot, delicious food every as and whenever.

KFC’s popularity is so widespread across South Africa that it’s even been regarded as a place for community gatherings.

KFC South Africa official website is https://order.kfc.co.za/

For more information on fast food restaurants visit our site southafricanmenus.info.

Check out the image below and let us know if that it hasn’t made you smile.

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Talk To Someone At KFC South Africa

Are you looking to have your queries about the KFC menu addressed by KFC’s staff?

Contact them on any of the social channels they have:

Overall, as you can look at from their menu, KFC takes pride in their tasty food options available throughout South Africa.

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If you have additional concerns about KFC’s menu prices in South Africa or South African KFC menu prices, send us a message.

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FAQ About kfc menu prices south africa 

1.How much is a 6 piece meal at KFC?

Family Treat 6 – 6 piece chicken, 2 large chips, 3 sides price is 172.90 in KFC

2.What is included in the $20 fill up at KFC?

Each $20 Fill Up meal includes a large cole slaw, 4 biscuits, and 2 large mashed potatoes and gravy

3.How much is a 9 piece bucket at KFC?

Sundays are reserved for KFC. Enjoy delicious KFC chicken for the entire family. This is nine juicy pieces of Original Recipe Chicken for R99. Only available Sundays

4.How much is 21 pieces of KFC?

Our 21 piece Festive Bucket for only R209.

5.How much is KFC 10 bucket?

KFC Bargain Bucket: 10 Pc Price 15.99

6.How many pieces of chicken are in a KFC bucket?

16 pc Chicken Bucket – Standard | KFC.

7.How much is a KFC Zinger box?

The One Box (large) $15,95
Zinger Box (regular) $11,45
Zinger Box Meal (large) $13,95
Zinger Stacker Burger Box (regular) $14,95

8.What is KFC special on Tuesday?

Come to KFC & Get 5 + 5 for R65 this Tuesday! 5 Pieces + 5 Zinger Wings for ONLY R65!

9.Does KFC do deliveries?

NEW: Now, you can order your favorite KFC online with just a few clicks. This service is currently available at many restaurants, but we are constantly expanding our reach. Please bear with us as we add new restaurants to your area. KFC Delivery – That’s it!

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