Debonairs Menu prices in South Africa

Debonairs Menu prices South Africa 

Debonairs Menu prices in South Africa. Craving a scrumptious pizza that satisfies your taste buds and your budget? Look no further than Debonairs, the renowned pizza chain offering a delightful menu filled with flavorful options.

In this article, we dive into the world of Debonairs menu prices in South Africa, revealing a wide range of delectable pizzas, sides, and beverages that won’t put a dent in your wallet.

The Debonairs pizza menu includes a huge range of different varsities for you to order as well as plenty of sides to choose from.

If you want to save some money, you can see some coupons for the restaurant here.

Debonairs Menu prices in South Africa

Here is the latest Debonairs menu with prices in South Africa:

Menu Item Price (R)

Pizza Menu

Club Meat Pizza (small) 47.90
Club Meat Pizza (medium) 79.90
Club Meat Pizza (large) 114.90
Something Meaty (small) 47.90
Something Meaty (medium) 79.90
Something Meaty (large) 114.90
Beef Steak & Mushroom (small) 41.90
Beef Steak & Mushroom (medium) 71.90
Beef Steak & Mushroom (large) 106.90
Mexican Fiesta (small) 41.90
Mexican Fiesta (medium) 69.90
Mexican Fiesta (large) 101.90
Four Seasons (small) 41.90
Four Seasons (medium) 69.90
Four Seasons (large) 101.90
Hawaiian (small) 36.90
Hawaiian (medium) 64.90
Hawaiian (large) 89.90
Tikka Chicken (small) 47.90
Tikka Chicken (medium) 79.90
Tikka Chicken (large) 114.90
Chicken & Mushroom (small) 41.90
Chicken & Mushroom (medium) 71.90
Chicken & Mushroom (large) 106.90
Sweet Chilli Chicken (small) 39.90
Sweet Chilli Chicken (medium) 67.90
Sweet Chilli Chicken (large) 99.90
BBQ Chicken (small) 39.90
BBQ Chicken (medium) 67.90
BBQ Chicken (large) 99.90
Sweet & Sour Chicken (small) 38.90
Sweet & Sour Chicken (medium) 66.90
Sweet & Sour Chicken (large) 94.90
Original Veggie (small) 36.90
Original Veggie (medium) 64.90
Original Veggie (large) 89.90
3 Cheese (small) 35.90
3 Cheese (medium) 61.90
3 Cheese (large) 86.90
Red Hot Veggie (small) 35.90
Red Hot Veggie (medium) 61.90
Red Hot Veggie (large) 86.90
Classic Margherita (small) 22.90
Classic Margherita (medium) 45.90
Classic Margherita (large) 64.90
+Double Stack 44.90
+Crammed Crust 49.90

Specialty Pizzas

Cram-Decker 179.90
Triple-Decker (small) 64.90
Triple-Decker (large) 164.90
Crammed-Crust 144.90

Extra Toppings (large pizza)

Standard Extra Toppings 9.90
Premium Extra Toppings 12.90
High-Premium Extra Toppings 20.90
Extra Cheese 20.90


Death By Chocolate 64.90
Donut Dippers 64.90
BBQ Chicken Wings 54.90
Pop-Itz 44.90
Cocktail Cheese Grillers 39.90
Cheese & Garlic Bread Ripper 34.90

Regular Subs

Something Meaty Sub 79.90
Club Sub 79.90
Tikka Chicken Sub 77.90
Chicken & Mushroom Sub 74.90
Sweet & Sour Chicken Sub 69.90
Vegetarian Sub 66.90
Cheese & Garlic Sub 59.90

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Menu Updates

The year 2023 brought several price increases to a lot of the pizzas sold at Debonairs. The price will increase from R5.00 up to R10.00 for a pizza.

Here are a few of the most recent photos from the restaurant menu.

Debonairs Menu

In 2022, however, there were only a few changes made to the menu at Debonairs. If you look at the classic pizzas, There was almost no change in the kinds of pizzas offered and the price.

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However, a couple of pizzas were increased by around R1.00 to R5.00, a small increase.

Debonairs Menu

A major change Debonairs appears to have made. However, the biggest change is eliminating their traditional combo deals to make way for something completely new.

This is a shame since their real bargains for the price.

Of course, if you’re pissing out, How does a classic Fried Chicken sound? Check out KFC’s menu. KFC’s menu to see if something you like.

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Debonair is a word that means elegant, charming, and confident. Bring them together, and you’ll have precisely what pizzas at Debonairs are.

There are a variety of varieties of pizzas that you can choose from in nearly every flavor you can think of.

There are traditional pizzas like their Chicken Pizzas, Meat Pizzas, and vegetarian pizzas, alongside a selection of unique and special and change according to the latest trends in customers.

In addition to the famously delicious pizzas, there are also sub sandwiches. If you’re looking for a break from pizza, why not try The Something Meaty Sub or the Tikka Chicken Sub. Both are delicious creations.

Subs or pizzas not serving you anymore? There are also delicious hamburgers in the next corner.

Check out the Steers menu for more information. Steers menu for their various delicious burgers as well as their famous hand-cut chips.

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Debonairs Specials

In addition to delicious pizzas, Debonairs provides amazing discounts that are hard to pass up.

These deals usually are offered in limited durations. Therefore it is recommended to take advantage of them quickly.

The deals are usually advertised through their website or app, which is available for iOS and Android.

Online offers are also available on Cram-Decker. The company offers Add On Awesome and Corporate Catering Meal.

The Cram-Decker offers a special price deal.

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Best Pizza At Debonairs

The most famous pizza available is Triple-Decker, period. It is available in four flavors, including Meaty Chicken BBQ Steak, as well as Creamy Chicken.

Each Triple-Decker variety has 3 layers of cheese and. They all have the following: secret cream cheese, tomato, and herb pizza sauce, and cheddar, and mozzarella.

The Meaty Triple-Decker’s ingredients are ground beef, spare ribs, and ham, onions, as well as BBQ sauce.

Fresh tomato, chicken and onion, mushrooms, and sweet bell pepper are other ingredients that make up this Chicken Triple-Decker Pizza.

Then, the BBQ Beef Steak Triple-Decker comes with beef steak, mushroom pieces, onion, and BBQ sauce.

The Creamy Chicken requires chicken, diced tomatoes, mushrooms, onions, and Debonairs sauce to complete it.

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If you don’t have a lot of fuss about your ingredients, you’ll enjoy everything you choose from the Debonairs menu, whether it’s the famous Debonairs pizza subs or one of their delicious sides.

Is the family getting tired of the typical Friday dinner? Why not go somewhere more luxurious. Please take a look at the menu at Spur to find out the steak house that their famous offers.

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About Debonairs South Africa

Two students from the University of South Africa, specifically Craig McKenzie and Andrew Harvey, who hail from South Africa, started it all back in the year 1991 at the time that Debonairs opened.

The Debonairs was founded by McKenzie, who thought of the concept after he traveled on a trip to Los Angeles for a gap-year trip.

In the early days, take-outs were not available in South Africa, and delivery was virtually non-existent. Andrew Harvey possessed computer knowledge and was able to design and implement a delivery service.

The pizzas were first created in the bakery section of the grocery store of family members of the McKenzie family.

To make the Debonair image that the young couple hoped to portray, Two young men wearing bow-ties served the pizzas.

They were among the first to provide online ordering and complimentary delivery, and also they promised to deliver the pizza fresh and hot.

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Talk To Someone At Debonairs South Africa

Have some more questions you’d like answered about the Debonairs menu?

Feel free to hit up some of their staff on social media:

To sum it up – there are a wide range of delicious pizzas on the menu at Debonairs.

Head on down to one of their stores, give them a call, or order online and you’ll be feasting on one of their tasty creations in time.

Still have questions about the Debonairs pizza menu?

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FAQs About Debonairs Menu prices in South Africa

FAQs About Debonairs Menu prices in South Africa

➥ Are Debonairs prices the same in all locations?

No, Debonairs menu prices may vary slightly between different locations in South Africa. Factors such as local operating costs and ingredients availability can influence the pricing. It’s recommended to check the specific prices at your nearest Debonairs branch or through their official website for accurate information.

➥ Can I customize my pizza at Debonairs?

Yes, Debonairs offers customization options for their pizzas. You can choose your preferred crust type, toppings, and even add extra ingredients according to your taste. Customization options may vary, so it’s best to inquire with the restaurant when placing your order.

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➥ Does Debonairs offer vegetarian options?

Yes, Debonairs understands the dietary preferences of their customers and offers a range of vegetarian options. You can enjoy vegetarian pizzas with a variety of delicious toppings or opt for vegetarian subs and wraps. They strive to cater to diverse tastes and dietary needs.

➥ How can I find the nearest Debonairs restaurant?

Finding the nearest Debonairs restaurant is easy. You can use their website or mobile app to locate the branches near your area. Simply enter your location or use the store locator feature to find the closest Debonairs restaurant.

➥ Does Debonairs offer delivery services?

Yes, Debonairs provides delivery services to ensure your favorite pizzas are conveniently delivered to your doorstep. You can place your order online or call the nearest branch to arrange delivery. Delivery availability may vary depending on your location, so it’s advisable to check with your local Debonairs for more information.

➥ Are there any combo deals available with Debonairs menu items?

Yes, Debonairs often offers combo deals and special promotions that include a combination of menu items at discounted prices. These combos are a great way to enjoy a complete meal with additional savings. Keep an eye on their website or promotional materials for the latest combo deals.

➥ Are there any limited-time offers or seasonal specials at Debonairs?

Yes, Debonairs frequently introduces limited-time offers and seasonal specials to provide customers with exciting menu variations and discounts. These specials may feature new pizza flavors, exclusive toppings, or discounted prices during specific times of the year. Stay updated with their promotions to take advantage of these special offers.

➥ What payment methods are accepted at Debonairs?

Debonairs generally accepts various payment methods, including cash, debit cards, and credit cards. Some branches may also offer mobile payment options or online payment through their website or app. It’s advisable to check with your local Debonairs regarding the accepted payment methods.

➥ Can I order Debonairs menu items for catering or large gatherings?

Yes, Debonairs offers catering services for larger orders and special events. You can contact your nearest Debonairs branch in advance to discuss your requirements and place a catering order. They will assist you in selecting the appropriate menu items and provide a delightful pizza experience for your gathering.

➥ Does Debonairs offer any rewards or loyalty programs?

Debonairs has a loyalty program called “D-codes” that rewards customers for their continued support. By signing up for the D-codes program, you can earn points for every purchase, enjoy exclusive offers, and receive personalized discounts. It’s a great way to enhance your Debonairs experience and enjoy additional benefits.

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