McDonald’s Menu Prices South Africa

McDonald’s Menu Prices in South Africa

There is no need to introduce McDonald’s when it comes to quick food. With its large menu offering a variety of delectable things, McDonald’s has established itself as a popular spot for foodies all over the world.

You’ve come to the right site if you’re in South Africa and have questions about the costs of the McDonald’s menu!

We’ll walk you through the McDonald’s menu pricing in South Africa in this guide, giving you a thorough breakdown of how much your favorite meals, snacks, and beverages will set you back.

So let’s dive in and discover all the pleasure that McDonald’s has to offer that is reasonably priced!

McDonald’s Menu Prices South Africa

McDonald’s is among the best well-known fast-food chain around the globe.

The same is true for South Africa – the McDonald’s menu is packed with tasty hamburgers, fries, side dishes, salads, and many more.

This is the McDonald’s menu, including prices in South Africa:

Menu Item Price (R)


Big Tasty (burger only) 59.50
Big Tasty Meal (medium) 74.50
Big Tasty Meal (large) 84.50
Big Tasty Meal (extra large) 89.50
Big Mac (burger only) 31.00
Big Mac Meal (medium) 39.90
Big Mac Meal (large) 49.90
Big Mac Meal (extra large) 54.90
Quarter Pounder with Cheese (burger only) 42.00
Quarter Pounder with Cheese Meal (medium) 51.50
Quarter Pounder with Cheese Meal (large) 61.50
Quarter Pounder with Cheese Meal (extra large) 66.50
Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese (burger only) 47.50
Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese Meal (medium) 65.50
Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese Meal (large) 75.50
Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese Meal (extra large) 80.50
McFeast (burger only) 59.50
McFeast Meal (medium) 73.50
McFeast Meal (large) 83.50
McFeast Meal (extra large) 88.50
McRoyale (burger only) 42.00
McRoyale Meal (medium) 55.00
McRoyale Meal (large) 65.00
McRoyale Meal (extra large) 70.00
Hamburger (burger only) 16.50
Cheeseburger (burger only) 19.00
Cheeseburger Meal (medium) 35.00
Cheeseburger Meal (large) 45.00
Cheeseburger Meal (extra large) 50.00
Double Cheeseburger (burger only) 29.00
Grand Chicken (burger only) 46.00
Grand Chicken Meal (medium) 60.50
Grand Chicken Meal (large) 70.50
Grand Chicken Meal (extra large) 75.70
Chicken Burger (burger only) 18.50
Double Chicken Burger (burger only) 26.50
McChicken (burger only) 28.00
McChicken Meal (medium) 34.90
McChicken Meal (large) 44.90
McChicken Meal (extra large) 49.90
Filet-O-Fish (burger only) 29.00
Filet-O-Fish Meal (medium) 47.50
Filet-O-Fish Meal (large) 57.50
Filet-O-Fish Meal (extra large) 62.50
Veggie Burger (burger only) 23.50
Veggie Burger Meal (medium) 43.50
Veggie Burger Meal (large) 53.50
Veggie Burger Meal (extra large) 58.50
Single Jalapeno Burger (burger only) 18.50
Single Jalapeno Burger Meal (small) 27.50
Double Jalapeno Burger (burger only) 23.00
Double Jalapeno Burger Meal (medium) 34.90
Single Boerie Burger (burger only) 19.50
Single Boerie Burger Meal (small) 27.50
Double Boerie Burger (burger only) 23.00
Double Boerie Burger Meal (medium) 34.90
Double BBQ Burger (burger only) 23.00
Double BBQ Burger Meal (medium) 39.90

Combo Meals

Big Mac Sharebag (2 Big Macs, 2 Cheeseburgers, 2 Medium Fries, 2 Small Fries, 10 Nuggets, 4 Drinks 177.00


Chicken Foldover (item only) 44.00
Chicken Foldover Meal (medium) 59.50
Chicken Foldover Meal (large) 69.50
Chicken Foldover Meal (extra large) 74.50
4pc McNuggets 23.50
6pc McNuggets 30.50
10pc McNuggets 44.00
10pc McBites 20.00
Garden Salad 31.50
Crispy Chicken Salad 52.50
Small Fries 11.50
Medium Fries 17.50
Large Fries 20.50
Extra Large Fries 25.50
Mini Corn 10.00
Medium Corn 15.00

Happy Meals

Cheeseburger Happy Meal with Corn 37.50
Cheeseburger Happy Meal with Fries 37.00
Chicken Burger Happy Meal with Corn 36.50
Chicken Burger Happy Meal with Fries 36.00
Hamburger Happy Meal with Corn 35.00
Hamburger Happy Meal with Fries 34.50
McNuggets Happy Meal with Corn 38.50
McNuggets Happy Meal with Fries 38.00


Oreo McFlurry 28.00
Choc Caramel McFlurry 28.00
Caramel Sundae 18.50
Chocolate Sundae 18.50
Strawberry Sundae 18.50
Plain Sundae 17.00
Apple Pie 17.50


McFizz Drink 20.50
Peach Fuze Tea 20.50
Orange Juice 16.00
Apple Juice 17.00
Powerade 22.50
Small Thickshake 21.50
Medium Thickshake 25.50
Large Thickshake 28.50
Extra Large Thickshake 30.50
Small Soft Drink 11.90
Medium Soft Drink 13.90
Large Soft Drink 18.90
Extra Large Soft Drink 21.90
Hot Chocolate (small) 22.50
Hot Chocolate (large) 24.00
Cappuccino (small) 19.00
Cappuccino (large) 22.50
Latte (small) 20.00
Latte (large) 23.00
Filter White Coffee (small) 16.00
Filter White Coffee (large) 19.00
Americano (small) 15.00
Americano (large) 17.50

Breakfast Menu

Egg McMuffin (item only) 23.00
Egg McMuffin Meal 38.00
Sausage McMuffin (item only) 23.00
Sausage McMuffin Meal 37.00
Egg & Cheese McMuffin (item only) 19.00
Egg & Cheese McMuffin Meal 35.50
Sausage McMuffin with Egg (item only) 26.50
Sausage McMuffin with Egg Meal 39.00
Chicken McMuffin with Egg (item only) 31.50
Chicken McMuffin with Egg Meal 44.50
Mega McMuffin (item only) 32.50
Mega McMuffin Meal 44.50
Hotcakes 31.50
Hashbrown 17.00
Plain McMuffin 15.50
Breakfast Wrap 27.50
Oats 16.50
Boerie Breakfast Bun, small orange juice 32.50
Boerie Breakfast Bun, small Cappuccino 32.00
Big Breakfast® Meal 53.50
SA Breakfast 42.50
SA Breakfast with Coffee 53.50

 Menu Updates

Like the pizzas on the menu at Debonairs, most menu items at McDonald’s have been increased by a tiny amount, ranging between R1.00 to R3.00.

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One of the major changes we’ve observed is eliminating a lot of their family-friendly combo meals.

We guess that the demand for the meals for families was low, hence removing these items from their menu.

What’s been a surprise is that the cost appears to have dropped for a number of their meals, however only if you choose Extra Large. Extra Large version.

It will be interesting to see what changes are implemented to their menus throughout 2023.

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What’s On The McDonald’s Menu

Over the years, everyone around the globe can’t seem to get enough of the good time for the delicious flavor of McDonald’s.

There are now over 37,850 McDonald’s establishments located worldwide waiting for you to place an order.

In the food menus, you can find many different kinds of food items you can choose from.

Breakfast meals, Beef Burgers, Fish, Chicken, Vegetarian, Salads, Desserts, Desserts and beverages, McCafe and meals.

If you’re going to the cafe for breakfast, you can try breakfast wraps like the Big Breakfast or Breakfast Wrap. Both are delicious and worth the effort.

McDonald’s is among only a handful of fast-food chains that compete in the breakfast industry and has the McDonald’s menu offering a wide range of breakfast choices.

Are you looking for a chicken? You can order Chicken McBites, the Chicken McBites, Chicken Foldover Spicy, or opt for the classic Chicken Burgers.

Whichever you decide to go with, you’ll never regret the food you chose to eat.

The famous McCafe also offers Caramel Latte Frappe, Espresso, and many more to sip during your meal. In terms of food, there are a variety of combinations to choose from at McDonald’s, such as Boerie Double Meal, Boerie Double Meal, Grand Chicken Jalapeno Meal, and more.

McDonald’s South Africa consistently adds new products to their menu to keep it fresh, like their recently launched Chilli Cheese Fries.

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Best Burgers at McDonald’s

McDonald’s menu available in South Africa is famous for the variety of delicious hamburgers and sandwiches that delight the palates of the entire population.

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There’s something to everyone in the family, including those who are the fussiest eaters.

What’s the most well-known burger from McDonald’s? It’s obvious.

The Classic Big Mac. It’s been a staple on their menu since their earliest beginnings, and it doesn’t appear like it’s going to disappear anytime soon.

Other burgers that you’re sure to love are The Quarter Pounder that comes with Cheese, Cheeseburger, Filet-O-Fish, and Hamburger.

McDonald’s is so well-known throughout South Africa that it’s easier to order one of their burgers, as it would be to find pure drinking water. It’s a good thing it won’t last that for too long…

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South African McDonald’s Menu

Are you wondering if the McDonald’s Menu in South Africa is different from McDonald’s in other regions of the world? You can now stop because it’s.

McDonald’s adapts its menu to the country they’re operating in. Take a look at our Philippines McDonald’s menu in case you aren’t convinced by us.

What’s special about McDonald’s menu that is available in South Africa? The well-known Boerie Burger comes in two patties or a single one. The flavor is similar to boerewors, a South African sausage called boerewors makes it a popular favorite.

They’ve also added some more hot items on the menu, such as their Spicy Cajun Chicken Burger as well as the Jalapeno Chicken Double.

Other menu items that are exclusive for SA McDonald’s include the SA Breakfast. Chicken McBites served with a jalapeno-based dip, Grand Chicken Jalapeno, Grand Chicken McChicken, and The Grand Chicken Hot.

In that regard, McDonald’s isn’t the only international restaurant that offers special local dishes. Take a look at the Nandos menu to find out what’s only accessible to South Africans.

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McDonald’s Hours

Day of the Week Opening Hours Closing Hours
Monday 7:00 AM 10:00 PM
Tuesday 7:00 AM 10:00 PM
Wednesday 7:00 AM 10:00 PM
Thursday 7:00 AM 10:00 PM
Friday 7:00 AM 11:00 PM
Saturday 7:00 AM 11:00 PM
Sunday 7:00 AM 10:00 PM

About McDonald’s South Africa

McDonald’s began as a restaurant in the year 1940. The McDonald brothers Maurice McDonald and Richard McDonald first operated the restaurant located in San Bernardino, California, USA.

The brothers transformed the business into an ice cream stand. In 1953, they launched their Golden Arches logo that the customers are familiar with. Two short years later, the year 1955 saw McDonald’s was incorporated as a franchise company.

McDonald’s arrived in South Africa in 1995. There are now over 200 McDonald’s outlets all over South Africa where you can purchase their delicious hamburgers from.

They feed more than eight million customers every month. More than ten thousand people depend on McDonald’s as their primary source of income.

McDonald’s was named by Deloitte as Deloitte Best Company to Work for three consecutive years (2009 through 2011).

McDonald’s, located in South Africa, has done so well for itself. However, some of the menu items are only available at McDonald’s in South Africa.

South African McDonald’s menu may be imported to America. The United States.

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Talk To Someone At McDonald’s South Africa

Want more information about the McDonald’s menu in South Africa?

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Send their team a message on social media:

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Putting it all together, McDonald’s has established itself in the South African community and is a fast-food chain to be reckoned with. But even then, it’s tough to give the burgers on the Steers menu a run for their money.

For any other questions you have about the McDonald’s menu, leave a message below.

FAQs About McDonald’s Menu Prices South Africa

McDonald’s Menu Prices South Africa

➥ How much does a Big Mac cost in South Africa?

The price of a Big Mac in South Africa typically ranges from ZAR 34.90 to ZAR 39.90, depending on location and any ongoing promotions.

➥ What is the price of a cheeseburger at McDonald’s in South Africa?

The price of a cheeseburger at McDonald’s in South Africa usually falls within the range of ZAR 19.90 to ZAR 24.90.

➥ How much do Chicken McNuggets cost in South Africa?

The price of a 6-piece Chicken McNuggets meal at McDonald’s in South Africa typically ranges from ZAR 29.90 to ZAR 34.90.

➥ What is the price of a Filet-O-Fish at McDonald’s South Africa?

The price of a Filet-O-Fish sandwich at McDonald’s in South Africa generally falls within the range of ZAR 34.90 to ZAR 39.90.

➥ How much does a medium-sized French fries cost in South Africa?

The price of a medium-sized French fries at McDonald’s in South Africa typically ranges from ZAR 19.90 to ZAR 24.90.

➥ What is the price of a medium soft drink at McDonald’s in South Africa?

The price of a medium soft drink at McDonald’s in South Africa usually falls within the range of ZAR 15.90 to ZAR 19.90.

➥ Are there any value meals available at McDonald’s South Africa?

Yes, McDonald’s in South Africa offers various value meals that combine popular menu items with discounted prices compared to ordering items separately.

➥ Do the prices for McDonald’s menu items vary across different locations in South Africa?

Yes, prices for McDonald’s menu items can vary slightly across different locations in South Africa due to factors such as operational costs and local pricing considerations.

➥ Are there any ongoing promotions or discounts on McDonald’s menu items in South Africa?

McDonald’s in South Africa often runs promotions and offers discounts on specific menu items or meal combinations. Check the website or inquire at the restaurant for current promotions.

➥ Can I view the complete McDonald’s menu with prices for South Africa online?

Yes, you can typically find the complete McDonald’s menu with prices for South Africa on the official McDonald’s South Africa website or through their mobile app.


Prices on the McDonald’s menu in South Africa may differ depending on location and are liable to change.

I am unable to provide precise pricing data, however I can give you an idea of the broad price ranges for the most popular menu items.

It’s significant to remember that actual costs could vary. It is advised to check the official McDonald’s South Africa website or get in touch with a nearby McDonald’s restaurant directly to get the most precise and recent information about McDonald’s menu prices in South Africa.

The particular menu prices for your location will be available from them.

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