Spur Menu Prices in South Africa

Spur Menu Prices 

Spur’s steak ranch restaurants are wildly well-loved within South Africa.

The Spur menu offers juicy steaks, tender ribs, and delicious fresh seafood, as well as plenty of delicious sides to choose from.

If you want to save cash, check out some coupons for restaurants here.

Spur Menu Prices

Here’s latest Spur menu with prices in South Africa:

Menu Item Price (R)

Sizzling Starters

Starter Buffalo Wings 84.90
Crispy Cheesy Garlic Roll 39.90
Chicken Livers 59.90
Calamari Strips 80.90
Crumbed Mushrooms 77.90
Starter Nachos Mexicana 75.90
Cheesy Garlic Prawns 91.90
Cheesy Quesadilla 60.90
Chicken Strips 59.90

Sharing Menu

Buffalo Wings & Calamari Strips 98.90
Crumbed Mushrooms & Calamari Strips 97.90
Nachos Mexicana 106.90
Buffalo Wings & Crumbed Mushrooms 94.90
Large Cheesy Quesadillas 95.90
Full Portion Buffalo Wings 133.90


Chargrilled Rump 200g 134.90
Chargrilled Rump 300g 153.90
New York Sirloin 200g 134.90
New York Sirloin 300g 152.90
Spur Fillet 200g 172.90
Spur Fillet 300g 206.90
Lazy Aged Steak 500g 209.90
Spur T-Bone Steak 200g 153.90
Spur T-Bone Steak 300g 181.90
Cheddamelt Steak 200g 147.90
Cheddamelt Steak 300g 171.90
Cheesy Garlic Prawn Steak 200g 148.90
Cheesy Garlic Prawn Steak 300g 179.90
Spur Sauces 28.90
Portuguese Steak 200g 144.90
Portuguese Steak 300g 170.90

Ribs, Grills & Combos

Spur’s Famous Pork Spare Ribs 400g 146.90
Spur’s Famous Pork Spare Ribs 600g 194.90
T-Bone & Wings 350g 207.90
Ribs & Chicken 400g 186.90
Ribs & Buffalo Wings 400g 186.90
Half Ranch Chicken 131.90
Grilled BBQ Chicken Breasts 113.90
Lamb Chops 200g 141.90
Lamb Chops 400g 208.90
Pork Chops 200g 101.90
Pork Chops 400g 141.90
Mixed Chop Platter 400g 186.90


Chicken Schnitzel Half 91.90
Chicken Schnitzel Full 122.90
Cheesy Garlic Prawn Schnitzel Half 102.90
Cheesy Garlic Prawn Schnitzel Full 145.90
Hawaiian Schnitzel Half 97.90
Hawaiian Schnitzel Full 133.90
Cheddamelt Schnitzel Half 99.90
Cheddamelt Schnitzel Full 129.90


Calamari Strips & Hake 131.90
Calamari Strips 133.90
Hake & Chips Half 81.90
Hake & Chips Full 114.90


Original Spur Burger Single 82.90
Original Spur Burger Double 118.90
Cheese Burger Single 90.90
Cheese Burger Double 125.90
Cheese & Bacon Single 99.90
Cheese & Bacon Double 134.90
Cheese, Bacon & Guacamole Single 110.90
Cheese, Bacon & Guacamole Double 141.90
Cheddamelt Burger Single 98.90
Cheddamelt Burger Double 132.90
Goodie Burger Single 109.90
Goodie Burger Double 143.90
Sauce Burgers Single 90.90
Sauce Burgers Double 126.90
Texan-Fried Chicken Burger Single 83.90
Texan-Fried Chicken Burger Double 115.90
Burger & Coke Combo 98.90

Plant Based Meals

Veggie Schnitzel 88.90
Crumbed Veggie Burger 82.90
Bean Burger 86.90
Soya Burger 85.90
Beyond Burger 135.90
Vegan Friendly Nachos 72.90
Chicken-Style Trips & Avo Salad 87.90
Chicken-Style Cheese Quesadillas 113.90

Sides & Salad

Greek Salad (side) 46.90
Greek Salad (sharing) 83.90
Chicken, Avo & Bacon Salad (side) 61.90
Chicken, Avo & Bacon Salad (sharing) 103.90
Fresh Hot Veg 32.90


Peppermint Crisp Tart Half 40.90
Peppermint Crisp Tart Full 57.90
Chocolate Brownie Half 36.90
Chocolate Brownie Full 59.90
Cheesecake Half 40.90
Cheesecake Full 61.90
Malva Pudding Half 38.90
Malva Pudding Full 58.90
Milkshakes 45.90
Soda Floats 42.90
Ice Cream & Chocolate Sauce Half 37.90
Ice Cream & Chocolate Sauce Full 45.90
Ice Cream & Bar-One Sauce Half 43.90
Ice Cream & Bar-One Sauce Full 53.90
Pecan Nut Sundae Delight 49.90
Classic Waffle
Classic Waffle
Bar-One Waffle Half 40.90
Bar-One Waffle Full 55.90
Amarula Hot Chocolate 45.90
Hot Chocolate 33.90
Amarula Hot Chocolate 46.90
Bar-One Shake 45.90
Peppermint Crisp Sundae Delight 53.90

Kids Menu

Kids’ Brekkie 26.90
Kids’ Beef Burger & Coke Combo 65.90
Toasted Treats 40.90
Beef Burger 53.90
200g Riblets 73.90
Kid’s Cheese Burger 59.90
Kid’s Chicken Burger 53.90
Grilled Chicken Strips 59.90
Crumbed Chicken Strips 60.90
Grilled Chicken & Salad 64.90
Crispy Golden Brown Chicken Nuggets 46.90
Fish Fingers 42.90
Wacky Viennas 44.90
Home-made Cheesy Macaroni 46.90
Buttercup’s Cheese Pizza 50.90
Buffalo Brave’s Chicken & Cheese Pizza 57.90
Soaring Eagle’s Pineapple, Cheese & Bacon Pizza 59.90
Canyon Cup 28.90
Dessert Shakes 29.90
Kids Milkshakes 26.90
Sodas 22.90
Sodas – Sugar Free 21.90
Milk 19.90
Fruit Juice 22.90
Mineral Water 25.90
Kids’ Cone on the Go! 18.90
Chico the Clown 25.90

Spur Breakfast Menu

Ranch Breakfast 103.90
Kickstarter 59.90
Unreal Breakfast Special 43.90
Bacon & Banana French Toast 54.90
Carb-conscious Breakfast 66.90
Steak Egg & Chips 107.90
Trailblazer 79.90
Cheese Griller Breakfast 63.90
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Menu Updates 

The menu at Spur is constantly evolving to incorporate new flavors and adapt to changing preferences.

Here are a few photos of their most recent takeaway menu to try:

Spur Steak Menu South Africa 2023

Spur Menu

Spur Steak Menu South Africa 2023

Spur Menu

Their menu now has a section devoted to vegan dishes, which it has not had before.

This section has news-based meals like Veggie Schnitzel, Bean Burger, Beyond Burger, and Vegan Healthy Nachos.

When we look at their steaks, we’ve seen prices rise around R5.00, and for chicken and ribs, Prices have increased from R5.00 to R10.00.

One of the areas in which there are no price increases or changes that were implemented to the menu is the section for children.

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Spur Menu Specials

Spur Steak Ranches offer many different promotions and specials you can make use of.

Here are some of them:

Spur Menu

  • Unreal Breakfast Special
  • The Classic R55 Burger
  • Spur Waffle Offer, and
  • New Spur Canyon Cups.

The Unreal Breakfast Special, which will more than keep you going through the toughest days, is available daily from 7:30 am to 11:00 am.

The Classic R55 Burger and Spur Waffles are served throughout the week on Mondays, and The Spur Canyon Cups are also available at any time.

As you will see, even if prices listed on the Spur menu seem a bit too expensive for you, go to their eateries during a promotion to save some money.

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There’s no way to know the finest hamburgers and steaks until they’ve tried the Spur Steak Ranch.

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Apart from the delicious hamburgers and steaks available at Spurs, There are plenty of delicious dishes to savor for all the family members.

They serve tasty appetizers, perfect dishes for sharing salads and sides, famous ribs, steaks, grills and combinations, schnitzels and seafood and desserts, burgers, breakfast, kids’ meals, and beverages.
A few of the appetizers that are on the menu will delight your taste senses.

There’s Cheesy Quesadilla, Chicken Strips, and other options.

The salads and side dishes consist of Greek Salad, Chicken, Avo & Bacon salads, and many more.

Enjoy the famous steaks, like Chargrilled Rump, Spur T-Bone Steak, and more. In addition, some dishes are perfect for sharing, like Buffalo Wings.

If you’re looking to stick to some of the most popular items on the Spur menu, go with their tried and tested burgers: Original Spur Burger, Rib Burger, and many more.

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Since they’re a Steak Ranch and Steak Ranch, you can be sure that the steaks they serve are, in fact, the most sought-after dish available at Spur.

A portion of the menu for steaks is known as Legendary Steaks, and it contains an array of delicious steaks that can transform dinner or lunch into something extraordinary.

The steaks are carefully aged and then chargrilled with an exclusive method that only trained chefs can execute.

The next item on the top of the list is the hamburgers. The delicious creations of Spur always entice the foodie’s taste senses.

There are various options to take advantage of their delicious burgers with a single patty or two with a range of patty varieties to pick from, including chicken, beef and ribs, or even soya.

While the burgers at Spur are delicious, the ones at Steers offer a fair fight on their burgers. Take a look at Steers’ menu.

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South African Steers menu to determine if you’d prefer eating their burgers over.>

If you choose one or any of them, and you’re almost certain to enjoy your meal from the menu of burgers at Spur. The cost, portion, and flavor are all right.

Are you tired of the Burgers and steaks at Spur? What about changing it up with a classic Fried Chicken.

Spur Near Me

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About Spur South Africa

Spur Steak Ranches serve meals and memories for nearly fifty years for South Africans.

The year was 1967, when Allen Ambor, the executive chairman and co-founder, established his first venture, the Golden Spur in Newlands, Cape Town.

Since then, Spur has played an essential role in family traditions across the nation.

Through the decades, the restaurant has served warm, delicious food on the Spur menu and witnessed many unforgettable moments.

Spur is a well-equipped restaurant that can compete with other South African-born restaurants, like the world-renowned Nandos.

If you’re looking for some Portuguese-style chicken, then check out Spur’s menu.

Like other companies, Spur also has its share of controversy as it gained global recognition. But, it was able to get over the obstacles and provide delicious meals and make wonderful memories for guests until the present.

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Speak With The Spur Staff

Want to send their staff some questions you have about the Spur menu?

Send a message to one of their social media accounts:

All in all, the Spur restaurants have come a long way since their humble beginnings with their menu vastly changing and adapting over time to the tastes of the locals.

Today, their menu is filled with a wide range of delicious steaks, burgers, ribs, salads, and more. Enough to satisfy even the fussiest of eaters (including the kids).

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For any other questions you have about the Spur menu and prices, leave a comment below.

Spur South Africa official website is www.spursteakranches.com

For more information on fast food restaurants visit our site southafricanmenus.info.

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