McDonald’s Big Mac Meal Price in South Africa ❤ 2022

Big Mac Meal Price McDonald’s South Africa McDonald’s is one of the biggest fast food chain in the world, with an increase presence in South Africa. The most popular meal option from the McDonald’s Menu is the Big Mac Meal. The Big Mac burger has been on the McDonald’s menu since the beginning and this doesn’t seem to … Read more

Starbucks Menu Prices in South Africa ❤ 2022

Starbucks Menu Prices in South Africa Starbucks has menu items in Ready-To-Eat, Bakery, Brewed Coffee, Hot Espresso Beverages, Iced Espresso Beverages, Hot Chocolate, Teavana Hot Tea, Teavana Tea Latte, Teavana Iced Tea, Frappuccino Blended Coffee, Frappuccino – Blended Crème, Ready-To-Drink, Whole Bean, Capsules/Pods, Capsules/Pods and Merchandise in South Africa. Ready-To-Eat Cream Cheese & Chives Bagel R69 Granola and Yoghurt Pot R53 Halloumi and Avo English Muffin R61 Veggie New Yorker R46 Brioche French … Read more

Popeyes Menu Prices in South Africa ❤ 2022

Popeyes Menu Prices in South Africa Popeyes has menu items in Sharing Meals, Burger Combos, Burgers, Handmade Strips Combos, Handmade Strips, Wrap Combos, Wraps, Chicken Piece Combos, Signature Sides, Chicken Pieces Only, Beverages, Beverages and Dipping Sauces in South Africa. Sharing Meals Sharing Meal B R165.9 9 Piece Chicken R143.9 15 Piece Chicken R235.9 18 Piece Chicken R271.9 Sharing Meal A R165.9 Sharing Meal C R235.9 Family Meal R294.9 10 … Read more

Pizza Hut Menu Prices in South Africa ❤ 2022

Pizza Hut Menu South Africa 2022 Pizza Hut has menu items in Untoppable Deals, 3 Deals: Hut Doubles, Vegetarian Pizza, Chicken Pizza, Meat Lover’S Pizza, Pizza Fold, Sides, Create Your Own Pizza, Beverages, Beverages and Sweet Ones in South Africa. Untoppable Deals Untoppable Double Large Deal R179.88 3 Deals: Hut Doubles Hut 3 Doubles Large Pizzas R624 Vegetarian Pizza Double Cheese Pizza R47.88 Sweet Chilli Tropical Veggie Pizza … Read more

Pie City Menu Prices in South Africa ❤ 2022

Pie City Menu Prices in South Africa Pie City has menu items in Our Specialities, Our Specialities and Citizen’s Value Votes in South Africa. Our Specialities Classic Pies – 220g R25 Mega Pies -350g R34 Burger Pies R31 Citizen’s Value Votes Classic Pie & 350ml Juice R34 Mega Pie & 350ml Juice R44 100% Fruit Juice Blends R17 Pie City … Read more

Milky Lane Menu Prices in South Africa ❤ 2022

Milky Lane Menu Prices in South Africa Milky Lane has menu items in Favourite Waffles, Decadent Waffles, Warm & Fuzzy, Favourite Shakes, Oh So Special Shakes, Whizzers, Sunnydaes, Toppings, Toppings and Craft Sodas in South Africa. Favourite Waffles Original R54 Classic R61 Oreo Cookies and Cream R61 Bar-One Peanut R66 Bar-One Bonanza R71 Rolo Waffle … Read more

Maxis Menu Prices in South Africa ❤ 2022

Maxis Menu Prices in South Africa Maxis has menu items in Breakfast Delights, Maxed Breakfasts, Healthy Choice Breakfast, Omelette, Toasted Sarmies, Gourmet Toasted Treats, Favorite Wraps, Hand Crafted Burgers, Classic Colossal Burgers, Gourmet Colossal Burgers, Starters, Fresh Salads, Delicious Grills, Mouth-watering Grills, A Little Bit on the Side, Maxed Grills & Seafood, Sweet Treats, Shakes, Beverages, Beverages and Hot Beverages in South Africa. Breakfast Delights Rise & Shine R29.9 Breakfast On Toast R39.9 French Toast Stack R49.9 Mince … Read more

Krispy Kreme Menu Prices in South Africa ❤ 2022

Krispy Kreme Menu Prices in South Africa Krispy Kreme has menu items in Reach For A Dream, Doubly Delicious, Minis, Doughnuts, Beverages, Collectables, Collectables and Coffee in South Africa. Reach For A Dream Hugs & Kisses (Full Sleeve) R15 Sunshine (Full Sleeve) R15 Congrats (Full Sleeve) R15 Thank You (Full Sleeve) R15 Nuts For Doughnuts … Read more

King Pie Menu Prices in South Africa ❤ 2022

King Pie Menu Prices in South Africa King Pie has menu items in Large Pies, Double Filla Pies, Burger Pies, Footlong Rolls, Combo Meals, Chips, Cocktail Pies, Snack Pies, Snack Pies and Junior Meal in South Africa. Large Pies Chicken R25 Pepper Steak R25 Steak & Kidney R25 Salami & Cheese R25 Spinach & Feta R25 Cornish R25 Steak & Onion R25 Sausage Roll R25 Double Filla … Read more

Hungry Lion Menu Prices in South Africa ❤ 2022

Hungry Lion Menu Prices South Africa Hungry Lion has menu items in Value Meals, Burgers, Family Meals, Buckets & Variety Buckets, Zamba Spicy Winglets, Extras, Extras and Beverages in South Africa. Value Meals Big Bite 2 R39.9 4 Piece Meal R76.9 King Combo R78.9 Snack Pack R38.9 Zamba Spicy Deluxe R62.9 Hungry Lion Mix R39.9 Zamba Wing It R29.9 Big Bite 3 R56.9 Burgers Double … Read more