Captain DoRegos Menu Prices in South Africa

Captain DoRegos Menu Prices

Look no further than Captain DoRegos in South Africa if you’re in the mood for a culinary excursion that blends strong flavors, ample quantities, and reasonable costs.

This well-known fast food restaurant brand has a broad menu that appeals to all palates. The fascinating world of Captain DoRegos will be explored in this post, along with their enticing menu prices in South Africa.

Prepare to go on a gourmet adventure that will make your taste buds dance with delight!

Captain DoRegos Menu Prices in South Africa

Capitan DoRegos has menu items in Breakfast, Chicken, Fish, Burgers, Sides, Sides and Promotions in South Africa.

Captain DoRegos Menu 

Captain DoRegos Menu Prices

Captain Doregos Menu Best Seller

Family Dinner This meal is offered in a family-friendly package that includes 3 + 9 Piece Chicken, Fries, 4 Rolls, and 1.5l Soda.

The skin of the chicken is really crunchy, and the inside is moist and delectable. Even though one piece would be sufficient to satisfy you, you find yourself devouring more.

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Fries that are crispy and the perfect saltiness for a delicious mouthful. For a family, soda works perfectly. You will appreciate eating this dinner because it has the ideal flavor.

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Affordable Indulgence: The Value of Captain DoRegos

The cost of Captain DoRegos is one of the primary distinctions between it and other fast-food restaurants. Captain DoRegos manages to keep its costs affordable whilst providing a large selection of delectable dishes, guaranteeing that consumers receive exceptional value for their money.

Whether you’re a family seeking for a filling supper or a student on a budget, Captain DoRegos offers an economical option without sacrificing taste or quality.

Captain DoRegos: Where Convenience Meets Flavor

Captain DoRegos places a strong emphasis on convenience in addition to offering delectable food at reasonable costs. You’re never too far from a Captain DoRegos outlet thanks to the chain’s numerous outlets around South Africa.

Captain DoRegos makes sure that savoring their mouthwatering cuisine is always a hassle-free experience, regardless of whether you prefer eating in, ordering takeout, or using the handy drive-thru option.

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Additional Offers and Promotions

To further improve the eating experience for its guests, Captain DoRegos frequently launches special deals and promotions.

These promos could offer reductions on particular meals, combo offers, or seasonal menu items. A terrific way to enjoy your favorite Captain DoRegos meals while making a little extra money is to keep an eye out for these promos.

FAQs About Captain DoRegos Menu Prices in South Africa

FAQs About Captain DoRegos Menu Prices in South Africa

➥ How much does a chicken meal cost at Captain DoRegos in South Africa?

Prices for chicken meals at Captain DoRegos typically range from ZAR 29.90 for a single piece of chicken to ZAR 89.90 for a family meal that includes a variety of chicken pieces, sides, and drinks.

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➥ What are the prices for seafood meals at Captain DoRegos in South Africa?

Seafood meals at Captain DoRegos start at around ZAR 34.90 for a single portion of fish and chips and go up to approximately ZAR 74.90 for a seafood combo meal.

➥ How much do burgers and sandwiches cost at Captain DoRegos in South Africa?

Prices for burgers and sandwiches at Captain DoRegos range from approximately ZAR 29.90 to ZAR 49.90, depending on the size and ingredients.

➥ What are the prices for snack packs and side orders at Captain DoRegos in South Africa?

Snack packs and side orders at Captain DoRegos typically range from ZAR 9.90 to ZAR 29.90.

➥ How much does a kiddies’ meal cost at Captain DoRegos in South Africa?

Kiddies’ meals at Captain DoRegos are priced around ZAR 34.90, offering both value and entertainment for children with a toy included.

➥ Does Captain DoRegos offer any special promotions or discounts on their menu items?

Yes, Captain DoRegos frequently introduces special offers and promotions, such as discounts on specific meals, combo deals, or limited-time menu items. These promotions provide additional value for customers.

➥ Are the menu prices at Captain DoRegos in South Africa affordable?

Yes, Captain DoRegos is known for its affordability. Despite offering a wide range of flavorful meals, they manage to keep their prices competitive, ensuring customers get excellent value for their money.

➥ Where can I find the nearest Captain DoRegos location in South Africa?

Captain DoRegos has over 60 locations spread across South Africa. You can easily find the nearest Captain DoRegos outlet by checking their website or using online maps and directories.

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➥ Can I order food from Captain DoRegos for takeout or delivery?

Yes, Captain DoRegos offers takeout services, allowing you to enjoy their meals in the comfort of your own home. Some locations may also offer delivery services, depending on their specific policies.

➥ Does Captain DoRegos have a drive-thru service?

Yes, Captain DoRegos understands the importance of convenience and offers drive-thru services at many of their locations, allowing customers to quickly grab their favorite meals on the go.


In South Africa, Captain DoRegos has made a name for itself as a well-liked fast-food franchise by providing a varied menu that accommodates a range of tastes and preferences.

Customers can enjoy delectable meals at Captain DoRegos without breaking the bank because to the reasonable menu prices. Whatever your craving, Captain DoRegos provides options to sate it, including chicken meals, seafood treats, burgers, snack packs, and kid’s meals.

Captain DoRegos regularly launches special deals and discounts for those looking for greater value, enabling consumers to enjoy their favorite dishes at even more inexpensive pricing.

With multiple outlets all throughout South Africa and convenient features like takeaway and a drive-thru, the business also places a high priority on convenience.

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